Queenie & Jonathan Phair

Queenie & Jonathan PhairAs Queenie and Jonathan moved from place to place over the past 9 years, it was their yoga practice that kept them grounded. The time spent working abroad in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the United States gave them an opportunity to meet and practice with inspirational teachers and incredible communities of yogis. Queenie’s teaching style is generally a faster-paced, vinyasa-power style, marrying the breath to the movement of the body. Her classes teach both fundamental postures and techniques, while at the same time introducing interesting new flows and goal poses. And Jonathan understands that working towards these goal poses can be addictive, but believes that the real work in yoga is aiming for balance in both body and mind. His classes focus on encouraging students to work towards their own individual edge and to pay attention to how they feel in the postures, rather than on what they look like. If you come to either of their classes, expect to be challenged, to let go of tension, to smile, and maybe have a few laughs! Queenie (E-RYT) and Jonathan (RYT) are both full-time yoga instructors, who moved back to Toronto just over 2 years ago. You can find them at various studios and gyms around the city.
Check them out online:  www.phairyoga.com,  @queeniephair,  @jonathanphair

Lori Kirwan

Lori KirwanLori started working with the human body very early in life –in the 8th grade; she began teaching gymnastics in Sudbury, Ontario. These early experiences helped develop a passion for fitness and teaching. In addition, Lori’s academic career focused on studying the body scientifically. She has her Bachelor of Science (Nursing) from Laurentian University, a Master’s in Health Science and a Ph.D in Exercise Physiology from University of Toronto. After her academic career, Lori has evolved into a full-time fitness and yoga instructor and also the General Manager of Aura Fitness TORONTO.

I feel truly blessed to have discovered very early in life what I was meant to do. I wake up each morning with the same goals: to inspire people to move, to love their bodies, to achieve better health, stronger self-esteem and an enhanced quality of life.”

In all of her classes, Lori tries to challenge her participants to their full potential. Her energy and enthusiasm will leave you feeling invigorated for the rest of your day.

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Robert Young

Robert started teaching aerobics in 1991 working at the best gyms in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Dusseldorf and Hong Kong. Three-time Canadian champion in Sport Aerobics, Robert has represented Canada at four world events with his best placement in the top five. Robert trained in Hong Kong for Hatha Yoga and began developing his own Yoga Fusion system, uniting hatha yoga postures, astanga movement and kundalini breath control with gymnastic principles.

Robert breaks demanding postures down into basic and advanced options to suit every fitness level and inspires students to engage their muscles, open their joints, awaken their minds, and lift their spirits. When Robert isn’t teaching Yoga Fusion he is also a Reiki Master and a certified massage therapist.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape


Marco Tellez

Marco TellezTaking a myriad of inspiration along his musical journey, the sounds of the underground fused with Latin rhythms and culturally influential artists, have given light to Marco’s sound. Spending most of his time behind the DJ console, he unfolds his musical vision: loving a long set and giving the crowd an epic experience to remember for a lifetime ahead. An experimenter with the electronic pulse, Marco Tellez is known for developing his sets with heavy melodies and bass lines while embracing a host of atmospheric elements, galvanizing emotions at Parlour in Toronto and many more. Grasping the beauty of original music, Marco has it tapped out nicely.

As an avid producer, each day brings new musical discoveries enhancing his emotional relationship with the studio. Working closely with all elements, Marco’s expertise behind the synthesizers and the organic rhythms make the story come alive, as he shares his love of the musical realm. Through his vast display of creativity, it is without a doubt that the beckoning drive behind Marco Tellez is about the music and nothing less.


Folklaur Chevrier

Folklaur ChevrierFolklaur Chevrier could easily be cast as the fictional sleuth Nancy Drew. After all, the actress spent the last ten years pursuing a cold case in her native Ontario, Canada. What began as a curiosity soon became an obsession and ultimately a brilliant screenplay called “Innocence,” which garnered buzz as a hot property, and whispered about at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Inspired by Chevrier’s painstaking research, “Innocence” tells the story of a woman determined to find out who brutally killed her childhood friend, a mystery that has lingered for two decades. She put her career on pause and instead of auditioning, she went into full on detective mode.

Folklaur has enjoyed a successful television and commercial career. Canadian audiences will also know her from numerous on-camera hosting gigs and print media. Folklaur is an altruistic yogi and the official spokesperson for Svengali Yoga (www.svengaliyoga.com). Fighting for social justice on and off the mat. Folklaur is a ruthless crusder for social justice and is determined to bring INNOCENCE to life on the bring screen. She is tirelessly involved in various charitable initiatives. You can follow Folklaur’s media adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Please visit www.Innocencefilm.com